Will I get ill exercising in the cold?

Winter is here with a bang,

and whilst it's nice going out for a run to come back nice and toasty, the thought of ‘will I get ill from this?’ always lingers in the back of the mind.
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Exercising outdoors during the first lockdown was a nice escape from home and it felt great to be in a different environment. Spring and summer were just around the corner and every aspect felt good. But lockdown two and being in winter is a different ball game, especially with forecasts now showing it's due to snow any day now!
‘Wrap up warm or you’ll catch your death of cold’ is the infamous line that relatives are sure to tell you at some point during colder months, so does this mean working out in the cold is bad for us? 
No. Surprisingly it's not as bad as you would think. Infact, according to doctors at BUPA, it won't increase your chance of getting the flu or a common cold and can actually decrease the risk of you being ill entirely. The natural ventilation that comes with working outdoors can help prevent the spread of germs, boost your immune system and reduce the chance of getting ill. It’s also beneficial for your mental health whilst improving your immune system.
But surely working out in conditions like rain can make you ill right?
True, but only if you’re not wearing the right type of clothing. Wearing pieces that do not absorb water, along with gloves and a hat, are great for working out in the rain, as it can decrease the chance of getting frostbite and hypothermia.
* However if during your workout you start to feel fatigued, develop severe shivering, lose coordination and feel numbness or stinging in your hands stop exercising immediately and find somewhere to warm up. *
If you’re in need of a new outer layer, our utility crop high neck is a great lightweight piece to keep you warmer when exercising outdoors. And if you’re looking for running pants to complete the look, our evolve leggings are squat proof, sweat proof and sure to keep you dry outdoors. Similarly our Sport Impact Pants are a great choice, and they’re also reflective, keeping you safe on the dark nights! 
Even though working out in the cold can improve your health, it is important to remember that cold muscles become tight and are more prone to injury. To prevent this, make sure you have a good warm up routine to prepare the muscles you are training. Workout Labs have great warm up sheets if you’re in need of inspiration, and a tonne come up when searching their name on google!

When training in the rain it's important to note that it’s a health hazard as you can slip more easily, so take more care with what you’re wearing. Overall the best advice for working out in the cold is to make sure you’ve invested in a good waterproof, thermals, lightweight layers and a good pair of trainers. Pieces like our Sport Taped Funnel and Race¼ zip funnel are perfect layering pieces, and great for keeping your neck warm to avoid getting a cold.

However you decide to exercise this winter, make sure to consult your GP if you have underlying health conditions such as asthma, or take medicine such as decongestants (which can increase your heart rate) to ensure your safety.

With the right mindset and resilience we’re sure you’ll smash any workout this winter, and remember; keep wrapped up!