Terms & Conditions

Before joining the Gym King affiliate program it is important that the terms and conditions of the program are understood. Gym King reserves the right to remove an affiliate from the affiliate program if they are found to be in breech of these terms and conditions.

- Voucher code affiliates are not permitted within the Gym King affiliate program.  To be accepted, an affiliate must be driving traffic via a link.

Some affiliates choose to use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.  While Gym King welcomes this, there are a number of terms which must be adhered to.  The following terms apply:

- PPC adverts must not refer to Gym King in the title or content of the advertising.

- Adverts must not link direct to https://thegymking.com, or use URL re-direct to the website.

- Affiliates must not use brand bidding.  This includes spelling variations of Gym King.

- Affiliates must ensure that any PPC adverts do not appear above official Gym King adverts.

- Bidding on generic keyword is allowed.

These terms are stated to ensure affiliates are clear on the activity which is permitted within the program.  If unsure about what is allowed regarding PPC advertising or any other queries regarding terms and conditions, please contact us at affiliate@thegymking.com


Only the provided brand logo should be used and should not be edited or changed.  Affiliates are welcome to use their own photography on blogs, social media etc or can use the product or lifestyle photography provided.