5 sale items you don't want to miss out on

Our biggest sale ever is going live on Monday, and you do not want to miss out, as it’s up to 75% off. 

As good as sales are, it can get quite overwhelming and leave you not knowing where to start. In an attempt to take the pressure off, we’re letting you in early and showing you the 5 best sale items that you do not want to miss out on. 

1. Core poly plus tee

One of your favourites is 40% off, grab it quick before it goes!

2. Sky Script Tracksuit

Is there a better outfit that you could ask for to get autumn ready?

3. Lightweight lounge

The season shift essential and 71% off!

4. Signature Script

The perfect loungewear doesn’t exist....

5. Origin Tee

A basic staple that every wardrobe needs

And that’s it! Be ready for the Summer Sale going live on Monday to see everything else that is included.

For when it starts, happy shopping! We hope you manage to snap up everything you’d had your eye on, and with the right mindset and persistence we’re sure you will.