Best 5 Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Autumn

Even though we’re still in the middle of Summer, Autumn is just around the corner. And we can’t help but be excited about all the trends that are going to be thrown into the spotlight. 

From what we’ve seen there are some great trends to come and replace the vibrant colours of summer. Saturated hues, tonal layering and pops of lilac are set to be the most popular, and puffer coats are predicted to be everywhere.  

A little reminder that the trends mentioned in this post are here to inspire your wardrobe, and however you style your outfits you should always wear what you love. 


1. Tonal Layering

Layering is always a difficult style to nail. But for this season, think comfort, cardigans, oversized and basics. And it’s all made easier by being different shades of the same colour. This trend is set to stick right through for the next couple of seasons, so why not get ahead now?

Our rib tanks, origin tees, oversized and comfort collections are great places to start and super easy to style a matching his and hers look. 



2. Lilac

Forget stereotypical fall tones, because this summer shade is set to be one of the biggest trends. Lilac will be everywhere. Luckily we have some pieces to get you ahead of the trend, think hoodies, tees, tops and shorts.

Our signature tee and short paired with our signature script tee and cycle short in dusky lilac, is the perfect pairing for any fashion forward couple.




 3. Saturated Hues

Unique colour pairings have never been as on trend as they will be in Autumn 2021. Rusts, striking blues and berry tones are here to replace the neons of summer, and they’re the perfect pop to pair with tonal basics. If you’re needing help with where to start, why not try our rust core plus poly tee and nebby short or our sky script jogger and tee in berry?

Core Plus Poly Tee and Nebby Short in Rust/White

Script Crop Tee and Sky Script Jogger in Berry


     4. Knits

Probably the most predictable trend, knits will be back with a bang. Following on from the comfortable styles seen over 2020, it’s making its return for the coming season. But cozy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Our oversized collection has great transitional pieces to help you move your summer outfits on to warmer autumn ones.


Basis Oversized Tracksuit in Black

Oversized Script Crew in Black


     5. Puffer Coats

The puffer coat seems to gain momentum year on year, and it will be huge this season. But these puffers aren’t just your regular puffers, they are created to make an entrance with extra long and extra puffy versions. We’ve just released some of our coats and jackets so head over to the website to check them out!

Script Puffer in Black

Core Puffer Jacket in Black

And that’s it. Make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list to be the first to know about our latest autumn releases. However you decide to style your autumn fits this coming season, we know that with the right mindset you’ll smash whatever you wear.