10 Minutes with Ty Clarke

The grey skies have certified that summer is long gone, and that Winter is back with a bang. It’s coat and jogger season, so Ty Clarke is in today to shoot all of the new collection. Keep reading to see some sneak peaks of what's to come!

Before the shoot started, I got to sit down with Ty for a few minutes to ask him 10 questions about everything from his journey with GK to his new venture, Paragon Gym. 

Hey Ty, thank you so much for sitting down with me! 

Q: An easy one to start off, what would your meal deal combo be?

Ty : So i’m gonna go for pesto and mozzarella pasta, if i’m low on sugar i’ll go for a juicy water like raspberry, and if i'm trying to be healthy i’ll have water. And boiled eggs for a side, haha.

Q: Haha i’ve never heard anyone choose boiled eggs for the snack! So what did you do before modelling?
Ty : I actually worked on sight and I also worked for carphone warehouse repairing apple phones! 

Q: So a massive change from construction and repairing to modelling then! For any budding models out there, what would be your advice?
Ty: Be yourself. Honestly it sounds cliche but it’s simple, you’ve got to look and be yourself in front of the camera. If you aren’t authentic you’re going to struggle. Modelling relies more on personality than you think!

Q; Very good advice, as being yourself is what helps you in succeeding! A little bit of a different question, who would be your biggest inspiration / idol

Ty: Definitely Christino Ronaldo, do I even need to go into it? 

Q: Haha no you don’t, I think we all get it. So we’ve been following the Paragon journey for a while now, but for those who don’t know, how was Paragon Gym born?

Ty: I actually used to work there, I knew the first owners and this’ll be about 10 years ago now! I worked there before I went into construction, and when I started modelling I always used to travel back to train. Then when the second owner left, I took advantage of that and here we are now, I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Q: Paragon leads nicely to the next question, what is your favourite workout type / area?

Ty : So my favourite type of training is weight training,  but I like to do strength and endurance. And then for area, i'm gonna say probably shoulders or legs.

Q: With being a model and owning a gym, what is one quote you live by to keep you motivated?

Ty: If it's out of your control, don’t worry about it. 

Q: You and Alex started modelling for GK around the same time, how did you and Bowen meet?

Ty: So through University believe it or not. We both went to colleges in different areas, but ended up going to the same Uni. We didn’t know each other, but had similar interests so we ended up having a class together. The first conversation we had was when  I sat next to him and went, so do you like xbox? And he was like yeah man I love it, love gears of war! Haha. And it actually turned out that when he dropped me home that night we lived one street away from each other! All that time of not knowing each other and we were literally living right next to one another. He also weirdly lived 2 doors down from my grandad. We both worked in construction and when Jay asked Alex to model for GK I went along with him and the rest is history.

Q: It’s a weirdly small world at times isnt it! Everyone here at GK is a huge fan of your new venture Supure+, why did you start supure+?

Ty: It's a lifestyle and supplement brand. Everyone wakes up everyday and has their routine, and in most cases they don't like it or it's not productive for what they want to be doing. Everyone has water just because they think they should have water, and a lot of us don't like the taste. Same with coffee, people have it for the sake of it rather than enjoying it. So I wanted to create some good tasting water, with the benefits of coffee, to your day off in a productive way. And the supure logo has a plus sign, to start your day off in a positive way. 

Q: Such a nice touch with the plus sign! So lastly, Favourite piece of clothing from the GK Range?
A: Ooo the quarter zip.. Actually no wait that’s a lie it's the impact shorts, they’re the best. 

We want to say another massive thank you to Ty for sitting down with us. Our coat sand jackets collections have gone live, click here to view the collection. 

The rest of the Autumn Winter Collection is going live this month, so mark your calendars! And we’re sure with the right mindset and determination you’ll be able to snap up everything you’ve got your eye on.