Here at Gym King, we are always striving to be better and do better. Sustainability is something we continually assess, to make sure we are doing the best we can. We believe it’s important for everyone to do their part, regardless of how big or small it may be.

We are continually working alongside our factories to reduce carbon footprint, the water used in dyeing and assess all components used in the process. Having a nominated supplier helps us to understand factories we use and create transparency for us, and more importantly for you. We know we can do better.

It starts with small steps, but we’re hoping by 2025 that our end goal is on the way to being achieved.


Our new collections, arriving in January, will be ethically sourced with at least 25% of each collection crafted from recycled material. The end goal is to have a circular production flow, where clothing is 100% organic cotton which reduces water usage by upto 90% and eliminates the use of unnecessary harmful pesticides.


Packaging is one of the biggest contributors to landfill & we’re committed to taking steps to eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle where possible. We want to make waste a thing of our past. By 2022, all our packaging will be 100% recyclable, with zero plastic tags and biodegradable, carbon neutral poly bags.


While this year’s release is aimed at men, we will be introducing a sustainable women’s collection at the start of 2022. Our end goal is to achieve a circular production flow, and we hope to be well on the way to this by 2025. We are continually working alongside our factories to reduce our carbon footprint.


Made up of five tees, three hoodies and three joggers, each item in our first sustainable collection features a smaller embroidered logo. The t-shirts, available in singles in Navy, Khaki & Snow Marl or sold in packs of two in White & Black or Snow Marl & Navy, are 100% organic cotton. The fleece hoodies and joggers are created with up to 40% recycled polyester fleece. No metal work has been used.