Lockdown 3.0! All you need to know

If anything was learnt from the last 2 lockdowns, it’s that your mental health is one of the most important things to look after.

If you’re feeling in a bit of a rut or slightly unmotivated, we’ve pulled together a few tips to help you get through the next few weeks.
  1. Nurture your body. Having a small daily workout, doing some yoga or meditation even if it’s for 5 minutes before bed can help your mind massively. All of these help to calm your mind and switch off. If you’re looking for some simple home workouts to follow see the links below;
 2.  Reading. Getting your head down and reading books about positivity, self development, career help and spirituality is a great way to calm and focus your mind. Lockdown is hard, there’s no denying that. But reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for and acknowledging this gratitude is one of the most positive ways to start your day!
A little trick that we’ve found helpful ; try and write down 5 things you are grateful for and 5 goals you want to achieve today, this week or this month. By putting these down on paper it allows you to have time to reflect and also refocus the mind on what you are wanting to achieve. Some books which we have read and helped us are (all books are linked below for where to buy);
 3.  Social Media Detox. Wondering how many miles you have scrolled with your thumb? Well ours is 10x more than usual in lockdown! And even though social media is one of the easiest way to pass time, we’ve found it can also be quite intense. Maybe have a social media clear out and start following pages which inspire you and fill you with positivity instead of having the opposite effect. If you feel slightly down by seeing people who are being very productive and creative,
just remember; no matter how much social media makes it seem like everyone has there sh*t together, its not always the case. Some good accounts to follow are; 
 4.  Daily Steps. Being stuck in the house means we’re not moving around or able to  get out as much. Even that walk to the pub before lockdown still counted towards daily step intake! But now that we can’t do that, it’s more important than ever to go out at least once a day. Get wrapped up, venture outside and move your body. Even if it's a 10 minute walk, that’s great and usually a 10 minute walk can be around 800 steps! As well as helping physically, it's amazing what a short walk can do to clear your head. Headspace is a great place to start, their app has guided meditation sessions for sitting and walking, and also a section based around workouts and exercises. 
 5.  Staying connected. – Zoom was like a breath of fresh air in the first lockdown but now it seems like the shine is slowly but surely wearing off. The lack of social interaction is the worst and like you we’re tired of it. But its so important to remember to stay connected. Keep talking to each other, listening to each other and looking out for one another. Many people's mental health is suffering from constant lockdowns, therefore it's more important now than ever to check on the ones that are closest to you. You’re not a burden for opening up to express feelings, or by messaging your loved ones.
 6.  Having a Routine. – Don’t underestimate the power of routine, with the dark mornings and evenings it’s so important to create a routine that works for you but If we’ve learnt anything from the last lockdowns, it’s to not put pressure on yourself to be productive 24/7. Be easy on yourself, be proud of what you have achieved today and give yourself some credit.
 7.  Working from home, again? Setting boundaries is key. Create a list of rules for your workplace and stick to them, such as no eating lunch whilst working or finishing when you’re supposed to. Also, writing a list of tasks and reminders first thing in the morning really helps to avoid distractions and keep your mind focused on what you need to do. And remember to take a break, just because you might be working in your pyjamas doesn’t mean you have to overwork to compensate and tire yourself out!
 8.  The most important reminder. You are strong enough to get through this, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.
We hope that these tricks help you get through lockdown 3.0, even if it’s just a little bit! And with the right mindset and determination we’re sure you’ll nail it.