10 Questions with Amber Jepson

Autumn is fast approaching and we're already preparing for our exciting Autumn Winter 21 collection. We can’t wait to show you all the new fits, and if you keep reading we’re going to let you in on some sneak peaks of what's to come!

Before the shoot started, I got to sit down with Amber for a few minutes to ask her 10 questions, where we talked about everything from modelling to her favourite meal deal.

Hey Amber, thank you for sitting down and talking with me!

Q : First things first, what would your meal deal combo be?

A : God that’s a hard one, I need to have a think because people get so judged on these answers! I think I'd definitely get a smoothie, and then crisps. I love the walkers paprika ones and then a duck wrap. This is making me hungry!

Q: That’s a strong choice! So how did you get into modelling?

A : So my agency messaged me about 5 years ago, and then I went to Manchester and here we are!

Q: And for anyone who's looking to get into modelling, what would your advice be to them?

A : Definitely go and have a look at some agencies, and never pay for a shoot! As long as you’re confident you’ll do great, then you’ll be able to get photos through an agency to build up your portfolio!

Q: A one that I'm sure most of us want to know, what is your morning routine?
A: Roll out of bed and get a cup of tea, I'm really loving Yorkshire tea at the minute. There’s just something about the coziness of a cup of tea!

Q: I have to agree, Yorkshire tea is arguably the best tea! With being a model I can imagine you’re always quite busy. What is one thing that keeps you motivated?

A: Meeting new people for sure!

Q: And when you’ve faced hardships what keeps you pushing forward?

A: The rewards from being in the industry I'm in. I'm really grateful for everything I get to do through modelling.

Q: Who is a person that’s helped you get to where you are today?

A: Myself! Haha

Q: Can’t get anywhere without being your number 1 fan first can you! So If you were to give one bit of advice / a quote that you live by, what would it be? 

A : To not care what anyone thinks, you just keep doing you and you’ll succeed

Q: How do you cope with pressure

A: Just jump in the deep end and go for it!

Q: And finally, what is your favourite piece from the collection? 

A : The Washed Oversized hoodie and legging, can’t wait to get a pair when they drop!

We want to say another massive thank you to amber for sitting down with us. The Autumn Winter Collection is going live next month, so mark your calendars! And we’re sure with the right mindset and determination you’ll be able to snap up everything you’ve got your eye on.