Staying Healthy In Lockdown

Staying healthy during lockdown, it’s hard right? 

And it’s completely normal to lose motivation and feel a bit lost. Or maybe you’ve managed to take lockdown in your stride and got your groove back, if you have that’s great!
But whatever is going on right now we hope that this short blog we’ve made will help you if you’re needing new workout inspiration, in need of slowing down and finding ways to relax, or in need of something to read to pass the time
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It is far too easy to forget to switch off from the day whilst working from home. And more than likely it leaves you feeling drained and exhausted. If this rings true for you, it’s probably time to listen to your body and slow down
There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first, so don’t ever feel guilty for listening and realising that you need to take a break. 
Needing to unwind emotionally? Try journaling or meditation. Both have been found to let the body relax, release negative energy and restore calm in the mind. Meditation can also reduce pain and anxiety.
More of a physical person? Yoga is a great way to unwind and helps to relieve stress. Also, even though it may seem very simple, a warm bath is great for relaxing the body and reducing stress after a hectic day.
Want something which requires a bit more concentration? Reading is an easy way to improve your mood along with empathy and memory. Or if you’re looking for more of a challenge, learning a new skill, like a language, is a great way of giving you something to focus on and hopefully destress.
As well as mental health, it’s equally as important to stay on top of your physical wellbeing. And if lockdown has taught us anything it’s to find exercise that works for you, one that you like and feel better after, to make the period more enjoyable. 
If you’re just getting into workouts, starting with beginner programmes is great, as you can take your time with the exercises whilst also being able to do more if you feel like you want to push yourself. 
If you’re in need of a home friendly workout, Alexandra Cane has started uploading weekly Instagram videos varying in difficulty
Her most recent video ‘Chair Cardio’ is great for a beginner workout, and if you are disabled and or suffer with chronic pain the use of a chair and minimal movement creates an impactful workout without the need to jump or do intense movements.
Prefer a structured plan? Wallace Wilson’s fitness business ‘Dynamorph Fitness’ have recently shared two free workout plans. The 2 week lockdown plans have 8 different workouts in each PDF file; one for no equipment and the other if you have some equipment such as dumbbells and weights. The plans are great for people who love mixing cardio with working out, check them out here.
If working out was already part of your routine, lockdown is a great time to enjoy it in the morning and allow you to start your day feeling energized. 
Have a home gym and need some inspiration? Adam Collard’s killer workouts on YouTube and Instagram are great to follow and are sure to make you break a sweat. They’re also easy to follow as he has noted the whole plan in the captions along with an average of how many calories you’ll burn!
Looking for a more guided workout which will 100% motivate you? Courtney. Black. Do we need to say anymore? Her energy itself can inspire anyone to get up and kick up a sweat, and at the moment she’s doing weekly Instagram live videos which you can catch at 8am or find them on her page and do when it suits you! Want one to start off with? Check out Courtney’s home upper body burn that she did for the Gym King Women’s page back in the first lockdown here.
Whether you’re an experienced runner or wanting to pick up a new hobby, the Nike Run Club app is a great place to start. With a variety of guided runs and curated playlists, you’ll find it hard to get bored of this app. It’s a given that Coach Cory will make you enjoy your run and feel full of energy after you’ve finished. The ‘First Run’ and ‘Next Run’ are great if you’re a beginner. And if you’re more advanced, there’s everything from half marathon training to runs lasting an hour and a half and the cherry on the top is that it’s completely free!
Yoga is great both as a form of exercise, and as an act of mindfulness. Yoga with Adrienne is one of the most popular Yoga YouTube channels due to her ‘30 days of Yoga’ playlist. It’s the perfect way to get into doing Yoga regularly, or if you just need some time to relax. The videos last no longer than half an hour, which means it’s great to fit into a busy day of working.
However you decide to spend this lockdown, remember that it’s not selfish to put you and your mental health first, because with the right mindset you can achieve anything