12 Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

2020 was a unique year to say the least.

But December means there's a new season just around the corner, and we want YOU to be the first in the know of what trends are set to flourish come spring 2021. We’ve also decided to let you have a sneak peak at our SS21 collection, so keep reading to find out what will be dropping over the next few months!
We may be leaving 2020 behind us but comfy clothing is set to follow us right until the end of next year. So if you’re loving being in sweats and loungewear, don’t worry you’ll still be able to wear them from the couch to the streets in 2021. Elevated loungewear, adaptable leisurewear and multi functional clothing are top trends, and we’ve rounded up 12 key trends that will be everywhere in a few months' time.
1. Elevated Loungewear
Premium loungewear pieces that fuse form and function are set to be a staple for 2021. And it comes as no surprise with how much we now value our homes, and how much time we spend in them. It just makes sense to elevate what we’ve been wearing for the past year right? Get ready for multi-functional pieces to be everywhere, such as our Freedom Crew and Utility Jogger.
2. Ultra High Waist 
High waisted pieces have been around for a while, but it seems a high waist is not enough and this spring we will see the start of ultra high waisted fits. More core support and more coverage, an ultra high waist is golden and cements the bridge between leisure and loungewear, making it acceptable to wear for any occasion.
3. Stylish Sweatsuits
This is no surprise as we have all been LIVING in sweats for the past year. Thankfully we won’t have to part ways with our beloved tracksuits, as trends forecast that they will be paired with heels, smart shoes and blazers to form luxury loungewear that you can wear whilst dining out. Our Victory Crop and Joggers and Taped Poly Tracksuit are perfect adaptable fits which you can both dress up and down depending on the occasion. 
4. Seamless
Seamless gymwear is revolutionary and it won’t be left in 2020. Less seams mean less itching and not getting caught on anything; because there’s really nothing worse than catching a seam and ripping your favourite fit! Seamless doesn’t mean there are no seams, it means that the way that the garments are made results in the reduction of seams. Our seamless rib sets in Dark Grey and Grape are great examples, which are also squat and sweat proof! 
5. Second Skin
Comfort is key, and with more of us working from home we want to feel comfortable and comforted by our clothes. And this is why garments that fit like a second skin will be a major trend come SS21. Pieces like our Sport Aura set in washed pink and our sport tempo base are perfect to comfort you when relaxing, and comfort your muscles when working out. 
6. Hoodies
Every crop, every colour, every style. Hoodies are forecast to take over. Keeping in line with comfort, what is better than a cozy hoodie? According to trend forecasters, hoodies will be one of the most popular pieces for SS21. Because of their versatility, they can match nearly any outfit, whilst also being the perfect piece to both relax and work from home in. 
7. Adaptable Leisurewear 
Casual Friday has been Casual monday - friday for nearly a year and it’s not about to stop anytime soon. With many still working from home, there is a need for pieces to be adaptable and be worn both to relax in and to workout in. Fits like our Piped Script Tracksuit and Utility Set are perfect for this.
8. Sweat Proof

Since moisture Wicking technologies were developed, they have become an expectation for gymwear and its forecast to be a heavy focus for SS21 pieces. Sweat proof gym leggings and shorts are ideal, because even though nobody is looking, it's the last thing you want to worry about when focus should be on your session. 
9. Patterns
For activewear, patterns are in. Animal Print, Stripes, you name it and you’ll most likely see it during SS21. With working out being one of the only things we have been able to consistently do this year, it seems that bold active wear fits are in need. Our Animal Print Set is one to watch as it is sure to be a bestseller next season.
10. Face Masks
Obviously. If there was one guaranteed trend for next season it was face masks. Long gone are the days of one use masks, and it's better for you as well as the environment to have a reusable mask that you can wash yourself to ensure your safety. Our nano face masks come in a range of colours and are available already on our website!
11. Old School Velour
We have Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton to thank for bringing back the iconic velour tracksuits of the 90’s. Velour has been cropping up during AW20, but the aesthetic is set to be even more popular next season. Get ahead of the game with our Temple Velour Tracksuits which are available on our website now!

12. Loose Fits
Out of all 12 we feel like this is one of the least surprising. With lounging being a given, loose fits are where it's at. Even if you’re wearing a second skin set, the baggy hoodie over the top is what makes it.  Oversized hoodies and boyfriend style joggers are set to become even more popular and this is probably the best news of 2020!
And that’s it. We’re so excited to show you the rest of our SS21 collection and we hope you are too after reading this. 
Whatever you’re doing today, have a great day and with the right mindset and resilience we’re sure you will!